Announcement of Basic Agreement for Issuance of Prepaid Mastercard and Virtual Card


We are pleased to announce that we have concluded a basic handling agreement for the much-requested launch of prepaid Mastercards and virtual cards. We will start providing the service as soon as the software is available. The prepaid Mastercard supports charging with cryptocurrencies, points, and cash, and can be used both as a physical card and within smartphones (compatible with Apple Pay and Google Pay). The main features of the card are as follows:

Card Features:

A prepaid card with high security.
The ability to charge only as much as you use.
The only card sold domestically that allows direct deposit of cryptocurrencies.
No need for complicated transfers to cryptocurrency addresses.
Easy charging by purchasing dollar-denominated points.

Easy charging supported by PLANET Wallet.
The balance charged has a validity period of 6 months.
There may be some usage restrictions depending on your region.

(Important Notice) We are not a cryptocurrency exchange operator. Our wallet is a service for storing cryptocurrencies on the device side, and we provide software services to improve the convenience of sending and receiving cryptocurrencies on the blockchain. When using this system, please start using the software after agreeing to manage your assets on your side.

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