Announcement of Completed Updates for Apple and Google Versions of the App


We are pleased to announce that the updates for our applications on the App Store and Google Play have been completed. With the addition of new features, you can now enjoy an enhanced and more comfortable experience.

Updated Features Include:

Balance update functionality at app login: Updates the balance in real-time by referencing the blockchain.
Support for registering PREPAID MasterCards.
Support for prepaid cards handled by HYPERBC.
Handling of SGP points (valid for less than six months).
Korean language support.

Furthermore, to provide better service, we have decided to transfer the management of this application to SAKURA EXCHANGE GUAM, INC. Although this has already been announced on our website, all operations of this service will now be managed by SAKURA EXCHANGE GUAM, INC.

SAKURA EXCHANGE GUAM, INC. is also preparing to expand its services by establishing subsidiaries in Canada and Korea.

We appreciate your continued support.

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