Announcement of Service Launch for Air Ticket and Hotel Reservation Systems on Planet Digital Wallet


Thank you for your continuous support and use of Planet Digital Wallet.

We are excited to announce that Planet Digital Wallet has introduced a new feature for our customers. We have now integrated an air ticket and hotel reservation system to make our services even more convenient and user-friendly. With this new feature, using just your Planet Digital Wallet account, you can easily book flights and hotels worldwide.


Search, compare, and book air tickets.
Search, compare, and book hotels.
Direct integration with the digital wallet for instant payment.
Simplified management of reservation history and cancellation procedures.
*Note: The hotel reservation feature will be rolled out gradually.
*Thanks to our partnership with Booking.com, you can now book hotels, rental cars, and more worldwide.
*This service is provided through our partner, Harbors Tour.
*We are also preparing to offer this on our mobile app.

How to use:
Once logged into the system, you can single sign-on to the reservation system from the account settings page.

Service URL:

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