Happy New Year 2024!


Our project began in 2019 and is soon to enter its fifth year. In this milestone year, we would like to reflect on our journey so far and unite as a team to further develop our project.

Firstly, our project distributed the “PLANET TOKEN” via an airdrop on the Ethereum blockchain in June 2019.

June 19, 2019: The Planet Token was born. Please refer to the white paper for more details.
September 15, 2023: We launched the “Planet Digital Wallet” to the public, supporting ETH/BTC/PLA.
October 1, 2023: Planet Digital Wallet began supporting the purchase of airline tickets.
November 26, 2023: Planet Digital Wallet added support for stablecoins and others.
December 26, 2023: Planet Digital Wallet expanded its support to the TRX chain and more.

As we approach the fifth year milestone, we aim to relist on medium and major exchanges and continue to strengthen the operation of our products and services.

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