Planet Digital Wallet Public Beta Service Launch Announcement


We are excited to announce the public beta launch of Planet Digital Wallet and its proprietary blockchain. In addition to basic wallet features, this service plans to offer additional functionalities like airline ticket bookings in the future.

The wallet is designed to make it easy for users to employ digital assets in their daily lives. Moreover, user safety is our utmost priority, and numerous security features have been integrated accordingly. Specifically, a transaction monitoring system notifies users in real-time regarding their asset transactions. We’ve also adopted SumSub’s E-KYC system for user identification (KYC) and anti-money laundering (AML) compliance. Additionally, we plan to block any suspicious transactions by matching the recipient addresses against SumSub’s database.

Important Notice:

We are not a cryptocurrency exchange. This wallet is a service for storing digital assets on the user’s device. Our company provides software services to improve the convenience of sending and receiving digital assets on the blockchain. If you choose to use this system, you agree to manage your own assets and are responsible for initiating the use of the software accordingly.

Key Features:

Supports storage of digital assets (BTC/ETH/PLANET ERC20 and PLANET CHAIN)
Supports sending and receiving digital assets (BTC/ETH/PLANET ERC20 and PLANET CHAIN)
Payment functionalities and payment link features using digital assets
QR code-based digital asset transactions

How to Access Public Beta:

Visit https://user.planet-world.io
Create an account or log in.
Agree to the privacy policy and register for the service.
After service usage evaluation, you can start using our software.
Note: Registration via Google and Apple apps is not supported.

Future Plans:

Airdrops of partner digital assets on PLANET CHAIN for registered users.
Expansion of supported currencies through external service partnerships.
Considering adding a monthly fee for system usage.
Note: Service offerings will be carefully considered in compliance with laws and regulations.
OEM system offerings to partner companies.
Interoperability with partner blockchain and wallet providers.


We welcome any feedback, bug reports, or suggestions for improvement. Please contact us via:
Email: [email protected]

This beta version is for testing purposes and may differ from the full-release version. Please exercise caution with backups and data storage.
We are not a cryptocurrency exchange. Wallet private keys are encrypted and stored both server-side and client-side. User intervention is required for decryption; we cannot decrypt it.
Your cooperation and support are essential to making the PLANET Digital Wallet a better product.
In case of severe issues, the service provision may be halted.
The service may have limitations for residents of Japan.

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