Planet Digital Wallet(beta version) available MOGX,USDT,USDC


Thank you for using Planet Digital Wallet.

We are pleased to announce the launch of a wallet service that supports MOGX, USDT, and USDC, which have been in high demand.

(Important Notice) Please note that we are not a cryptocurrency exchange. Our wallet is a service for storing digital assets on the device, and we provide software services to improve the convenience of sending and receiving assets on the blockchain. When using this system, users must agree to manage their own assets before starting to use the software.

Main Features:

Storage of digital assets (BTC/ETH/PLANET/MOGX/USDT/USDC ERC20 and PLANET CHAIN).
Sending and receiving of digital assets (BTC/ETH/PLANET/MOGX/USDT/USDC ERC20 and PLANET CHAIN).
Payment features and payment link functions using digital assets.
Sending and receiving of digital assets using QR codes.
Hacking resistance on HyperLedger chain.

How to Access the Public Beta:

Visit https://user.planet-world.io.
Create an account or log in.
Agree to the privacy policy and register for the service.
Use our software after a service usage review.

Future Service Plans:

Planning airdrops of partner digital assets on PLANET CHAIN for registered users.
Expanding supported currencies through external service partnerships.
Considering adding a system usage fee through monthly billing.

Service will be provided in compliance with laws, taking into account external expert opinions.

OEM system provision to partner companies.
Interoperability with partner blockchain and wallet companies.

We welcome any bugs or issues found during the beta test, as well as feedback for improvements. Please contact us via:
Email: [email protected]


This beta version is for testing purposes and may differ in some features and performance from the full release version. Please be careful with backups and data storage.
We are not a cryptocurrency exchange. Some wallet private keys are encrypted and stored on both the server and device side. User operation is required to decrypt, and we cannot decrypt on our behalf.
Your cooperation and support are essential for further improving the PLANET Digital Wallet. We look forward to your participation and valuable feedback.
Service provision may be discontinued if significant problems occur with the beta version.
Services for residents of Japan may have restricted features.

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