PLANET PROJECT Developer Program Launched


The core technology of PLANET PROJECT (PLANET PROJECT DEVELOPER PROGRAM) is for corporations and individual developers who can participate in the development of PLANET PROJECT and gain incentives along with token economics with crypto assets. We are open for all our projects.
Our aim is to open for the entire project and will be proceed in multiple phases.
The first phase will be scheduled to implement in April 2023 or later.
(1) Sharing of development environment and source code through GITHUB
(2) Sharing the code and API of the wallet for Android/IOS currently under development
(3) Synchronization and validation of distributed ledger
(4) Meeting with project core members
(5) Delegating the management of the token economy of crypto assets to the distributed ledger validator
(6) Holding regular meetings and meetups with crypto asset exchangers in Japan
(7) Cooperation with overseas exchanges, etc.
The PLANET PROJECT Developer Program aims to build a token economy that does not require advanced knowledge and expertise by constructing a blockchain and DEFI that is highly convenient for users. In addition to actively support side projects, the Developer Program participants will be provided with appropriate compensation and a development environment.
Application to the Program
The Planet Project Developer Program is open to anyone at zero cost.
If you are interested, please send your application to the following email address
[email protected]

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