PLANET PROJECT Mainnet DEMO system in operation


D.H.G. Corporation and COQOO Corporation (Headquartered in Chuo-ku and Shibuya-ku, Tokyo; President: Akio Ito) are pleased to announce the release of a Demo version of PLANET PROJECT’s distributed ledger (blockchain) system to the public.
This distributed ledger system provides a solution to the shortcomings of conventional cryptoassets, such as hacking, loss, and theft, by allowing administrators to control the system.For cryptoasset exchanges, this system can be used as an internal system for balances, payments, and settlements.

Blockchain Explorer URL

URL for users

For the trial version
UserName:[email protected]
For the trial version
UserName:[email protected]

※Terms of Use
This is a trial version of the service and the registered crypto assets cannot be transferred in or out of the service.
This service is a trial version, and registered user and operation information and history may be deleted.
This service may be initialized or maintained.

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