Progress Update on the PLANET PROJECT


We are aiming to provide software that securely handles crypto assets through our proprietary chain-based blockchain and wallet.

Here is an update on the development status of the blockchain and wallet:

(1) Development of proprietary blockchain (completed)
(2) Security verification of the blockchain (ongoing)
(3) Scalability and performance testing of the blockchain (ongoing)
(4) Development of ERC20-HYPERLEDGER bridge (mostly completed)
(5) Implementation of simplified WASM for utilization in smart contracts, etc. (mostly completed)
(6) Implementation of Android/iOS versions of the wallet
Supported currencies: BTC, ETH, PLA (on the mainnet)
(*We plan to gradually add support for other currencies, multiple points, stable coins, etc.)
The private keys are encrypted and not stored on the server. The encrypted private keys can be used on the user’s device with a transaction password.

(*By enabling the addition/deletion of private keys on the proprietary blockchain, it becomes possible to handle cryptographic assets and stable coins more securely, with resistance against loss or theft.)

(7) Additional feature (almost completed)
Payment function between devices using QR codes
(8) Additional feature (in progress)
Reservation and payment of airline tickets from major airlines through a single wallet
(*Developing this as a strength of our system since there are few examples of globally available cryptocurrency payment systems for reservations. We are establishing a secure mechanism for reservation and payment. It will be a global reservation system for non-residents.)
(9) Additional feature (in progress)
Ability to make reservations with hotels available on hotel reservation sites

We plan to release these features in stages while ensuring the safety of our users, and provide the software accordingly.
Our Beta Software will provide 2023/June

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