Progress Update on the PLANET PROJECT(July)


We aim to provide proprietary blockchain and wallet solutions to securely handle cryptographic assets within our company. Here is an update on the development status of blockchain and wallet as of July 2, 2023:

(1) Development of proprietary blockchain (completed)
(2) Security verification of the blockchain (ongoing)
(3) Scalability and performance testing of the blockchain (ongoing)
(4) Development of ERC20-HYPERLEDGER bridge (completed)
(5) Implementation of lightweight WASM for utilization in smart contracts (completed)
(6) Implementation of Android/iOS versions of the wallet (completed)
Supported currencies: BTC, ETH, PLA (on the mainnet)
*We have submitted the product release for review to Apple.
*Google’s review will be submitted after the Apple review process.
(7) Additional feature (completed)
Payment functionality between devices using QR codes
(8) Additional feature (in progress)
Integration of booking and payment for major airline tickets within a single wallet
(9) Additional feature (in progress)
Ability to make reservations at hotels available on hotel reservation sites
(10) Optimization of BlockChain Explorer for smartphone display

We plan to release these features gradually to ensure the safety of our users while providing the software. The beta version of the software is scheduled to start being offered in July after the completion of the Apple review process.

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